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Super Counter – Laravel Page and Article Hit Counter

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What is Super Counter?

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Super Counter is a visitor counter script. Visitor’s information will be stored in database for selected pages, controllers, methods, articles view or the full website. It provides the advance statistics of visitors and article viewer. All codes are clean, well documented and very easy to modify. This project is build with Laravel 8 and Bootstrap 3.3.7 it can be used in your existing project. This script will works in Laravel 5+

Read the documentation carefully to use functions in appropriate place.

Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 7.3
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension

Operating System Browser Browser


  1. Page Hit Coutner
  2. Article Reader Counter
  3. Flag Counter
  4. Top Visited Browser
  5. Top Visited Country
  6. Top Visited Platform
  7. Most Viewed Article (Authors + Guests)
  8. Most Viewed Articles Author
  9. Live Traffic
  10. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Overview
  11. 9 Different Hit Counter Flat-Skins
  12. Laravel Default Authentication System
  13. Password Reset
  14. User Currently Online (Authors + Guests)

Live Demo


Demo Authors

username: louvenia65@example.net
Password: password

username: paul55@example.net
Password: password

username: amie60@example.net
Password: password

username: trantow.daniella@example.org
Password: password

username: schultz.joshua@example.net
Password: password

username: rcronin@example.com
Password: password

username: joesph.walker@example.com
Password: password

username: hillard.daugherty@example.com
Password: password

username: darrion06@example.org
Password: password

username: freda.bosco@example.net
Password: password

Update Log

    2020.10.12 - Upgrade to Laravel 8.0
    2019.04.26 - Popup visitor details by ajax
    2019.04.26 - Add top 5 list of Devices and Brands
    2019.04.26 - Update laravel version to 5.8
    2019.03.28 - Update database for more efficient user experience 
    2019.03.18 - Recognize & trace crawlers, spiders and BOTs
    2019.03.18 - Change API for tracing user location
    2019.03.18 - Add new API for tracing user agent
    2018.12.18 - Bugfix on load more rows using ajax in Overview page
    2018.11.14 - Include referrer URL of visitors
    2018.08.18 - Ensure compatibility with Laravel 5.6
    2018.02.08 - Load visitors log on overview using Ajax
    2018.02.08 - Add "Load More" buttons on overview tabs 
    2018.01.12 - Add flag for Europe
    2018.01.12 - Bugfix on Unrecognized IP error
    2018.01.09 - Initial Upload
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