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Ramom School – Multi Branch School Management System v5.0

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What’s new in version 5.2

  • Added Online Examination.
  • Added Promotion History.
  • Added Student Profile Edit Enable / Disable.
  • Added MSG 91 dlt_template_id.
  • Update Student Role Profile Page.
  • Update Zoom Meeting API.
  • Update Font-Awesome Icon.
  • Fixed Communication Message Send Time Issue.
  • Fixed Dashboard Graph Counting Issue.
  • Fixed Parents Profile Child Issue.
  • Fixed Exam Tabulation Sheet Subjects Issue.
  • Fixed all known bugs.

What’s new in version 5

  • Support PHP 8 (Beta).
  • Added Whatsapp chat with time schedule.
  • Added System admission field customizable.
  • Added Online admission field customizable.
  • Added Multiple fee collection with discount.
  • Added Carry Forward Due in Next Session.
  • Added Documents can be uploaded for online admission.
  • Added Photo can be uploaded for online admission.
  • Added Online admission payment status view in admin side.
  • Added Uploaded photo and file size and allowed extension configurable.
  • Added Students will be able to submit homework.
  • Added Flutterwave payment gateway.
  • Added Deleting student will delete fee details and custom fields data.
  • Improved student promotion.
  • Update CodeIgniter version 3.1.13.
  • Update Smscountry API.
  • Update Textlocal API.
  • Update Zoom Metting API.
  • Fixed Student promotion related issue.
  • Fixed Admin – gallery category edit issue.
  • Fixed Front-end contact iMap saving issue.
  • Fixed Student ID card qr-code issue.
  • Fixed Fees invoice print generate issue.
  • Fixed Fees invoice some user opening issue.
  • Fixed all known bugs.

What’s new in version 4.5

  • Added Online Admission Fees Payment Feature.
  • Added Online Admission Student Application Copy Download Feature.
  • Added Midtrans Indonesian Payment Gateway.
  • Added SSLcommerz Bangladeshi Payment Gateway.
  • Added Jazzcash Pakistani Payment Gateway.
  • Update Stripe Payment Gateway.
  • Added Front-end Home Page Section Visible / Hidden Feature.
  • Added Front-end Home Page Customizable Counter Section.
  • Added Teacher Schedule.
  • Added “Apply Online Admission” Email Triggers.
  • Added “Student Admission” Email Triggers.
  • Added Feature For Uploading Login Page Side-Box Image From The “Global Settings” Page.
  • Added Feature For Uploading Profile Page Image From The “Global Settings” Page.
  • Print Examination Results In Student And Parent Panel.
  • Update Email Libraries.
  • Fixed All Email Sending Issue.
  • Fixed Subject “No Information Available” Issue.
  • Fixed Teacher Restricted Issue.
  • Fixed JPEG format uploading issue.
  • Fixed All Known Bugs.

How To Works Live Class

  • Create a zoom account and get the AP keys from your zoom account and save it in the “Live Class Settings” under “School Settings”.
  • Create zoom meetings for each live class from your zoom account.
  • Add Live Class in your Ramom School application and enter zoom meeting id & password.
  • Students will get the live class sms notification and will appear on the live class rooms page.
  • Employees will start meeting using Zoom App / Ramom school just before the scheduled time.
  • Students will simply click the Join Class button and you must approve their requests.
  • After the student joins, he will watch live streaming video classes.
  • The documentation is given in more detail.

Ramom School
Ramom School

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