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Quick Code – QR Code Generator SAAS

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Feature Wall

Quick Code is an advanced QR Code designing platform, it can build customized and unique QR Codes. With rich feature set as logos, text and outlined shapes, you can build eye catching QR codes which result in a higher conversion rate.


  1. Write text along with your QR code, the text feature supports almost every language. Choose your preferred font from 1400+ supported fonts.
    • Complex layout languages are supported, like Arabic, Urdu and Farsi, along with Chinese, Japanese and all of Latin languages.
  2. Build QR Code custom modules and shapes.
  3. Image fill support.
  4. Gradient fill.
  5. PayPal payment gateway integration.
    • Just drop your PayPal client id and secret and get the whole payment process working. No need to register any webhooks manually, we got you covered! Built with PayPal subscription API, you can get your clients subscription renewed automatically without even visiting the website.
  6. Stripe payment gateway integration.
    • Get your stripe payment ready to go in just a few minutes. Drop your publisher key and secret key and let Quick Code do the rest! We used Stripe subscription API instead of one time payment API, so the subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription cycle.
  7. Background tasks support.
  8. Blog (Server side rendered).
  9. Contact page (Server side rendered).
  10. About page (Server side rendered).
  11. Content blocks (to add dynamic content to different frontend positions).
  12. Built-in captcha (there is no need to obtain 3rd party keys to use captcha).
  13. Sitemap.
  14. Translation support:
    • Shipped with 10 languages (Turkish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Italian, Hindi, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English).
    • Auto translate to your language with a single click using Google translate API.
  15. API Support: every single function of the application is built using its API, the documentation is in progress and is available on:

QR Code generation is built on multiple steps, to make the process easier, every step is focused on single task.

It is carefully crafted from ground up, we did not build it based on any template, dashboard pages and even data tables are mobile first, and work very well on desktop and on large screens as well (e.g. iMac).

Quick Code allows you to add your logo, you can choose one of the available logos (28 logos) or you can upload your own logo, you can scale it, move it or even rotate it.

It is SAAS so it supports user registration and user managment (sign up, reset password, login)

We are open to feature requests and user feedback.

For bug reports and feature requests please use our customer portal.

For documentation and user guides please refer to:

What our customers say!

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