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Google Meet for LatePoint

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Google Meet for LatePoint is an addon for LatePoint which allows you to automatically generate Google Meet meetings for your appointments.

With that said, Google Meet for LatePoint is NOT a standalone plugin and requires LatePoint and LatePoint Google Calendar Addon to be operable.


  • Agents/Admins are able to quickly join a meeting by scrolling down to the Google Meet Info section of the booking form and clicking the Join -> button.
  • Customers are able to join a meeting by locating a particular booking on the Customer Dashboard and clicking the Join with Google Meet button.


Read the comprehensive documentation included in your downloaded archive after purchase.

Quick Start Guide

After following the installation guide in the documentation (included with your purchase), your next step is to configure Google Meet for LatePoint.


  1. From the LatePoint Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Google Meet.

  2. Enable global Google Meet functionality by turning on the toggle beside the Google Meet logo then click Save Settings.

  3. Template For Meeting Name: This settings allows you to define the pre-formatted name to assign each subsequently created Google Meet meeting. You also have access to agentcustomer and booking template variables.


  1. On the edit page for any of your Services, scroll down to the Google Meet Settings section to configure Google Meet functionality for the respective Service.


= 5.0.0 =
Aug 25, 2022
- Added: Compatibility for LatePoint v4.4.8
- Updated: LatePoint Addons Framework to v8.0.0
= 4.0.0 =
Aug 22, 2022
- Updated: LatePoint Addons Framework to v7.0.0
= 3.1.1 =
Aug 14, 2022
- Initial Envato Market release
- Updated: LatePoint Addons Framework to v6.1.1
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