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Filter Plus — WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter

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Filter Plus is a WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filtering plugin that allows you to build a powerful filtering system for your site. With this plugin, your customers can filter your products/posts by any criteria – Categories, Attributes, Characteristics, Tags, Prices, Stock, and Taxonomy. Each filter criteria is configurable, giving you maximum control over what your customers are filtering and the results they see.

Key Features:

  • Filter Any WordPress Post type: Select any post type you want to filter.
  • Unlimited filter combinations: Create as many filters as required using the desired filter settings and Filter criteria.
  • Filters WooCommerce products and Smart filtering by variations: Create filters for your WooCommerce based store so that your customers can filter by any and all criteria and find exactly what they’re looking for
  • Filters by Any WordPress parameters/meta keys: Filter by Price, Sale price, or any numeric value from Custom Fields, Product rating Product Category, Tag, or Any custom Product Taxonomy or anything you want and put into Taxonomy or Custom Field in WordPress
  • Arbitrary filters order in URL: For example: /color-blue/size-large/ or /size-large/color-blue/
  • Clean, pretty URLs and Permalinks: Allows smooth indexing of them by Search Engines, share, bookmark, and so on.
  • Filtering Inputs: Supports Checkboxes|Radio buttons|Labels list|Dropdown|Range
  • AJAX ready: Filter with or without AJAX (without page reload/redirect). The plugin is ready to load results using AJAX.
  • Separate Sorting dropdown with unlimited sorting options: Sort the results using the sorting widget by any parameter. You can create the desired sorting parameter inside the widgets setting.
  • Tons of Settings: To set URL prefixes – order and values, Indexed Filters, Color scheme, Smart scroll, Layout and behavior customizations, etc.
  • Responsive with mobiles and tabs: The plugin is mobile-ready. Mobile devices settings are there to make the filters mobile responsive. Popups and collapsible options are also available.
  • SEO Rules options: Make specific filtering pages available for indexing, Post type, Filters combination (Archive page + Filters). Set the SEO title, Meta description, H1 Title, and SEO Description (SEO text for specific filtering page).
  • Translation/Localization: The *.pot file is available inside the plugin which allows you to translate it into any language.
  • Compatible with any theme design: Select the filter’s primary color from the plugin’s settings and the filters will look compatible with your theme.

How To Install

  1. Download the .zip file from your codecanyon account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with the Choose File button.
  3. Install Now and Activate the plugin.


On the frontend, the filter work along with the widgets. There are three widgets in the plugin namely Filters Widget, Chips Widget, and Sorting Widget. The Filters are shown using the Filters Widget. The Chips widget shows the currently selected filter criteria in the form of chips. The Sorting widget is used to sort the posts using any custom key.

Filter Plus Filters Frontend


The problem with using filters on mobile devices, particularly on smartphones, is the placement of a widget with filters. It will take up too much space and move the grid down if you place it above the products grid. If you place it under the products, then it will be inconvenient to scroll the page to the filter widget every time. The solution is aPop-up Filter widget.

To enable the Filters pop-up widget, you need to go to Filters > Settings and activate the “Special Pop-up Filters Widget for Mobile ” option and save settings. After that, the Filters button should appear above the products list and will be visible on smartphones. Click on the button will open the Pop-up Filters widget.

Filter Plus Popup mobile widget

An alternate is to use the Collapsible Filter Widget option.

To use unfolding of the Filter widget, enable the “Collapse Filters Widget on Mobile devices” option in Filters > Settings. After that, the Filters button should appear in the place where the Filters widget is displayed, and be visible on smartphones only. If the sidebar with Filters is displayed under the products list, try enabling the “Sidebar on top” option in Filters > Settings. If that doesn’t help, please ask your site’s webmaster to help you.

Filter Plus Popup mobile widget

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