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Appointment Booking Widget for WebSite (SAAS)

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Admin login: demo@demo.demo Password: demo

  • Embed via JS – any website supported (CMS, HTML, custom code)
  • No DataBase required – Platform can store all data in files or in MySQL database
  • Installer script – Automatic installation with detailed instructions. No-DataBase case – need only configure files permissions and click “Install”.
  • One click update – Automatic updating without overwriting custom addons/themes
  • SAAS – With monthly subscription plan and/or percent from vendor sales
  • Directory mode – all staff from all SAAS accounts can be showed in single directory
  • Zoom integration – staff and customers get Zoom link on their appointments list.
  • Booking steps can be rearranged or skipped – Personalize your booking panel to your preferences.
  • Responsive Design – The optimum customer experience that responds to the environment of users
  • Custom fields – Customize your booking process with element-rich form builder
  • Group Appointment – Define the limits of your appointments to reach your maximum capacity
  • Bring People feature – Avoid double bookings with bring people feature
  • Deposit Payments – Request up-front payments to secure against unexpected occasions
  • Discounts – Streamline discount offers from the appointment booking system
  • Email Notifications – Send emails to clients on appoints’ approval, time change, payment confirmation, invoces
  • Email Reminders – Advanced reminders to ensure the on-time delivery of your services
  • Multiple Locations – Management of all locations through a single platform
  • Manageable Calendar – Easy track of staff schedules with daily\weekly\monthly filters
  • Breaks, Days-off, etc – A single calendar to balance work and break times
  • Holidays – Display non-working days to avoid customers’ making appointments
  • Customer time-zone support – Show services time-slots in customer time-zone
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